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Our Updated Wish List!

Oct 25, 2016 | Uncategorized

Thanks to all the support, donations & grants we’ve received, we have shortened our wish list! We’re up & running and so grateful for all the help to get us to where we are. Due to popular demand, we’re reposting to make sure you know what new/used treasures we are still seeking:
Compost bins, recylcing box & garbage binsBig industrial mopBig industrial broomsVideo cameras for surveilance & securityFancy Land line phones2 Flat Screen T.V.’sAn IPad to run our Moneris system!ProjectorWhite Boards & cork boardsFlip Chart paper & PadsCashboxFiling CabinetsSpace heaters (especially with fans!)2 Board TablesDesks! Stacking chairsPlates & BowlsCutlery and cooking utensilsCommercial DishwasherIndustrial Brown paper towel & soap dispenser soapDecaffenated CoffeePower cordsMats & throw rugsPost its, pens, headphones/ear buds, USB sticks, Cables- headphone to RCA or headphone to xlr, mini-usb… whatever!Boards to make into our sandwich boardStaplersHole punchScotch Tape, electrical tape, masking tape, duct tapeOutdoor seating & flooringPicture framesprinter paperChest freezerMini-fridgeWindow cleaning squeegee setPostage stamps
Other things we need
Members!Volunteer Hosts!Workshop ideas & presentersRad local Art !$ Donations and help cover startup admin & operating costsYour business cards & flyers!Your feedback, suggestions & inputSpreading the word!
Thanks for everything you’ve done for us so far, Sackville & beyond– we couldn’t build this without you!