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May 4, 2017 | Uncategorized

Wanna have fresh, awesome, ethical fish & seafood delivered to your community every Friday? Well, now is your chance! Starting next week, we’re the official drop-off point for Afishionado‘s Community Sustained Fishery.
Sign up for a 1lbs share, get fish/shell fish delivered Friday afternoon’s at The Commons. We’ll be opened til 5:30 just for you! Going away? Pause your order by Monday before delivery.
Have a party this weekend? Up your order to oysters by Monday. IT’S THAT EASY. Cancel any time.
"1lb share" = $20 +tax weekly = up to 6 lbs of shellfish, and sometimes sushi-grade tuna, or halibut, or salmon, or hake or cod– It’s a delicious surprise delivered with a recipe to your inbox before you go pick up your delightfully fresh fish. They’re sustainable. Awesome. And they’re hiring locals! Want to know more? Check out their website. #ProudPartners