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Membership Drive

Jun 5, 2017 | Uncategorized

It’s time. We have a rad new Community Liaison & Super Host for the summer. Our new furniture is on it’s way (finally!). We’ve got lots of visitors & rad events… It is time for us to reach our membership goals!! Have you been thinking about joining The Commons? Know a pal who would be a great fit for us? Join us! If you want us to last? We need more members by the end of the year!

To launch our Membership Drive, check out this hot giveaway! SHARE our "Sweet MEMBERSHIP Perks" image on Instagram or Facebook OR tag a friend, and if you like/follow us– you’ll be entered into a draw to WIN a gift card for a Part-Time Membership! (Worth over $100!)
Watch out, More sweet membership drive action is in the pipes. Stay tuned!