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Thanks Renaissance Sackville !

Dec 29, 2017 | Uncategorized

Thanks (again!) to the support ofRenaissance Sackville, The Commons’ main hall is going to be getting a heat pump installed. This means we’ll be: a) More cost & energy efficient heating! = We can sponsor more events
b) More environmentally responsible! = Less forced-air furnace oil being burned
c) More cozy. So turn your heat down at home and come cowork with us!

Huge Thanks & Gratitude to the board of Renaissance Sackville for giving us a great Holiday present 🙂
Since we want to install as soon as possible, our main hall may be closed during office hours while Glowing Embersinstalls our exciting new piece of technology. Make sure to check FB & Twitter– and know we’ll reserve board rooms in 62 Main Street so members can still come cowork in comfort while we renovate 🙂