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Join our Board of Directors

Sep 15, 2018 | blog

Are you looking for a challenging and meaningful volunteer position?

We are currently looking to fill 3 seats in our Board of Directors.

The responsibilities of our board are as follows:

  • Follow basic co-operative director responsibilities as outlined here.
  • Attend monthly board meetings.
  • Serve 1-3yr term
  • Ensure we meet our legal & fiduciary responsibilities
  • Ensure we are in keeping with our bylaws.
  • Support our mission and mandate.
  • Help support the sustainability of the organization
  • Volunteer for a committee and attend strategic sessions & retreats

Perks include:

  • Membership to The Commons and access to our resources
  • Helping strategically shape a Startup Organization being built from the ground up
  • Opportunities to network, collaborate and grow an innovative space

Qualities we are seeking include, but are not limited to:

  • Free time, energy & passion for our mission.
  • Patience with startup issues, system-building and bringing order to chaos.
  • Treasurer, or individual with book keeping and/or accounting skills
  • Aptitudes for social enterprise, business planning & entrepreneurship
  • Individuals associated with Mount Allison
  • Individuals with an aptitude for fundraising
  • Individuals with strong organizational qualities
  • Individuals knowledgeable in co-operatives and non-profits
  • Individuals invested in social inclusion and welfare
  • Great ambassadors for our organization

Please e-mail impact@coworksackville.com a letter of interest ASAP, ideally before September 24th 2018.