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Marketing Magic for Women!

Feb 22, 2019 | Uncategorized

We’re so pleased to partner with Startup Sackville, Intuit Canada, BDC and Startup Canada to bring you "Marketing Magic" for International Women’s Month 2019. Thanks to their support, we have this amazing workshop speifically for women. For tickets? Please purchasevia Eventbrite. If the cost is a barrier, please e-mail our Director of Social Impact.

Join the amazing Natalie Davison from Marrow Marketing to learn marketing magic. Tapping into what you’re made of is one of the most powerful strategies that you can deploy when itcomes to branding, customer acquisition and retention because it allows your customers to build realrelationships in which they feel valued.Your brand is so much more than a logo or font choice. It is the culmination of every interaction thatyour audience has with you and your product. In this workshop we will explore how every choice wemake as an organization affects our brand. Topics like customer experience, brand voice, tone andlanguage considerations will help participants build guidelines within which their brands operate tobuild connection with their audience around what they value most.