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The Meaning of Coworking

Aug 19, 2019 | blog

A Reflection by our PR Intern

When I joined the team in May I had little idea of what coworking really meant, or what a coworking space entailed. Throughout the past four months of my Public Relations Internship I have gained a solid understanding of the term and what it looks like in practice. Before I say goodbye at the end of the summer, I wish to offer a short reflection on what coworking means to me.

Laren Bedgood, Public Relations Intern

In the simplest form, coworking is the sharing of office space and resources amongst individuals. However, I have come to learn that it encompasses so much more than that…

Coworking is socially stimulating, and helps beat burnout.

In 2018, I completed a 500 hour contract working from home. While I enjoyed the luxuries of comfort (especially staying in my pyjamas), it came with severe burnout. I faced several obstacles that led to this, such as the difficulty of time management with regard to separating professional from personal work. Additionally, I struggled with loneliness and lack of motivation.

Coworking combats burnout by directly addressing the issues from which it arises, including mismanaged time, loneliness and the absence of motivation. By physically removing your workplace from your home, coworking clearly divides your time between professional and personal work. In addition, the social stimulation gained from the camaraderie of a coworking space helps to negate loneliness. Working in a space shared with other people comes with the perks of emotional support and shared ideas, which can be extremely motivating.

Coworking is financially sustainable, and saves money.

Imagine a sole proprietor, a student, and a non-profit organization’s board member living together in a community that lacks a coworking space. To do their work, each of them would have to individually pay for the same necessary resources, such as internet service, a desk, a printer, miscellaneous office supplies, and so on. But, with if a coworking space were added to this community, all of those resources, and more, would be available at a fraction of the cost to each member.

Coworking is environmentally viable, and allows you to live green.

Not only is the sharing of resources easy on the pocketbook, it is significantly better for the environment too! With the investment of one printer for a coworking space as opposed to 100 printers for individual households, coworking produces less waste that would end up in a landfill.

To me, coworking is more than just an office space occupied by a number of coworkers. Coworking is a socially-, financially-, and environmentally-responsible way of working. So don’t delay, become a member today!