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#Memberperks keep coming!

Oct 21, 2019 | blog

We’re working hard to increase the value of our monthly memberships– and we’re doing a pretty good job– but we want to add more.

Want to see more perks? Have ideas on how we can increase member value? Fill out this short survey to help make us better stepping into our 3rd year!

As of October 15th, 2019 these are our #Memberperks:

We’re a mission-driven non-profit co-op, and we make sure every dollar spent with us goes a long way – so thank you. Want to know more about our mission & story? Visit our website!

Our policy is that our members are owners – we are a co-op. We encourage all users to become Owner Members by buying a lifetime share (and vote!) for $5. This way our board and our organization is accountable to you and owned by you. Any host can help you sign up as an owner, and then you can vote at our AGM.

Get visible & Get Involved!

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  • Many of our “Memberperks” and member news is posted on our Facebook group: Please join to get the full value of your membership! 
  • Attached is our current Terms of Use  for The SCC for people to review
  • Please send along a brief (tweet-sized) blurb and group picture when you get the chance and a picture (300 x 300pixels minimum)  to display on our *new* members page and share to introduce you to our fellow members!
  • If you need a key or after-hours access? Talk to staff about getting a key or our special code!
  • Have promotions or events you want to share? Tag us or e-mail us to share with our community!

Our Member Perks are always increasing, especially as we move from a volunteer-run model to a staffed model, but here are some important memberperks you should know!

We’re part of the Atlantic Entrepreneurial Services Passport. That means across Atlantic Canada you have coworking spaces! 
You’re now a preferred customer with Enterprise and National car rentals!
By Winter 2019, we hope all members are eligible for group health insurance plans! Our group plan is COHIP and if ever you leave The Commons – your insurance stays 🙂
You are automatically a member of Sackville’s first Tool Library. You can borrow 5 things at a time, book them online and get preferred rates for DIY workshops and Repair Cafés.
Planned launch: January 2020
Twoonie off Tuesday
Get $2 off Bagtown Grunters every Tuesday – that includes sodas! 
Mail Services: We have stamps and every size of envelope for your convenience. You also can use our space as your mailing address!*
FREE coffee, FREE tea and all the fixings! Plus pretty regular super snacks, homemade baked goods, local sodas, and a full-service kitchen.
#MemberperkMonday – We have regular giveaways, baked goods, raffles and more on Mondays!
Staples Advantage Premium EWAY service – You get free next-day delivery of most office supplies and discounted rates on your most ordered supplies. Just ask to set up an account! Free shipping, usually next-day!
Fax, shredder, three printers, 800mbps internet, 2 landlines and eastlink.ca e-mails available.
4 breakout spaces, private offices, discount on all member services and spaces. 3 locked filing cabinets for full-time members, small lockers for all and additional storage available. 
International Coworking Visa – As part of multiple coworking passports and visa’s, you can use your membership to work in Montreal, Belgium, Vancouver, India, China and many more!
We’re partnered with GoForth Institute for Entrepreneurial training. You can get up to 40% off their entrepreneur services and courses. Simply visit www.goforthinstitute.com
50% off Karen Phytoplankton 30 tablets AND 250ml lotion. And 10% off for members of the public (That’s $26.99 vs 49.99 for tablets and 22.49 vs 59.99 for lotion!)
5% off Pi By Crow every day. You can still use your loyalty card with this offer too!
Waste-Free Shop Pilot  (launching soon) – 10% off, and access to group/bulk purchasing with Speerville, Just Us!, and many ethical, sustainable and local suppliers. Only through your support this initiative will be possible!
VistaPrint ProAdvantage Perks:
-Exclusive Customer Care Team-Up to 40% off all products and quantities-Flat-rate shipping @ $3.99-Free shipping on orders over $60

Just e-mail us@coworksackville for more info!
You’re supporting Volunteer Tantramar, F.E.A.S.T.,Startup Sackville Rural Rides Tantramar, Social Inclusion Roundtable, startup incubation, community programming, free business consultations and 20+ sponsored members and users of our spaces.
Wayfair Professional – Want to take a picture of your space and have interior designers give you tips? We can hook you up!
Have a good idea or event you want to make happen? We’re a social enterprise on a mission to help good things happen – e-mail Julia to discuss sponsorship, or sharing our spaces & resources.
Medavie Blue Cross – 3 month wait waived when you use Alana Alcorn, Advisor
Compost with us! If you are one of the 700+ apartments in Sackville that don’t have composting or recycling? We happily provide you a lower-waste option in partnership with Open Sky.
All Common’s Members receive a 25% discount at the Nature’s Route Farm retail kiosk at either the Sackville Farmers’ Market year round or the Tuesday Common’s pick-up in season.
CSA members (including existing members) receive extra veggie units.  Small = 1 extra, Medium = 2 extra and Large = 3 extra
Ana Forlin is offering *free* HR consultations for Commons members. Thomas Forlin is offering *free* computer help & repair for our members.
Marsha Amanova owner of Rising Tide Creative and webmaster for the Sackville Commons Coop, offers a 20% discount on web design and website administration services for Commons members.
We’re now Sackville Rotary’s first ever Corporate member. That means you can join as a designee of The Commons to Rotary meetings, receive some Rotary services AND it means we’re eager to collaborate more with the amazing organization!
And so much more!

We’re excited to be working on making our spaces more modern, flexible, accessible & fancy. Your feedback is critical to making sure we have our priorities straight!

Help us help you and serve our community by letting us know what you think 🙂