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COHIP is here.

Dec 10, 2019 | blog

Cohip: The Coworking Health Insurance Plan

Since we’ve opened, we want to make it easier to work for yourself, work independently and follow your dreams.

One huge gap we were seeing with our members and community? Health Insurance!

Canada’s workforce is changing. By some stats, 95% of jobs created in Canada in the past 9 years have been part-time or contract work. More than 40% of Canadians work contract, part-time or ‘unstable’ work. Many new types of working, in the gig economy especially, do *not* offer the same perks that traditional jobs do. Job security, for one. Lack of access to group health insurance plans? It’s a huge problem.

How can we connect & support this new way of working?

We talk a lot about the Precariat at The Commons– people who live in the same society as others, who would never usually see certain securities or benefits afforded to others. This includes Part Time University staff, servers, entrepreneurs, baristas, retail workers, and so many more.

“In sociology and economics, the precariat (/prɪˈkɛəriət/) is a social class formed by people suffering from precarity, which is a condition of existence without predictability or security, affecting material or psychological welfare. The term is a portmanteau obtained by merging precarious with proletariat.”

The Coworking movement was born out of creating ways to accommodate and support new types of work. Here at The Sackville Commons? We aim to diminish the drawbacks of less traditional work, and leveraging all the perks so more of us can enjoy ’em.

COHIP seems to be a great fit for us.

COHIP is built for coworking spaces & gives coworkers the opportunity to join the preferable rates of a group plan. The Commons is a new member of COHIP, giving us the ability to add up to 150 people to our health insurance plan.

We’re not kidding!

  • You have to pay your own premiums
  • Plans are often 15-24% less than private plans
  • An average family plan is $150 a month.
  • The application fee is waived as part of your membership at The Commons!

Plus, it’s designed for everyone:
“COHIP is available to all artists, musicians, freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, students, independent workers, and / or part-time workers living in Canada, as well as their families. Our goal is to bring COHIP to anyone who wants coverage… ” 

Are you a Commons member and you’re ready to apply?

Just follow this link and click apply! You’ll be asked whether you are part of a member organization— and as one of us? You are! More instructions will follow on the screen.

Our administrator will approve your application by the end of the month.
Have questions? Feel free to e-mail us.