Tool Library? What is that? Never heard of it!

So, what exactly is a tool library?

In short, a tool library is just like any other libraries. However, instead of borrowing books, you come there to borrow tools, appliances, and even toys.

After hearing this, you might ask: “Why do I need to borrow tools when I just can buy them?” Imagine you need a saw to build your own shelf, for example. You don’t have one at your house, so you need to get one. Buying one costs at least $200 and you’re probably going to use it once or twice a year. Is it worth the price? That’s when the tool library comes in handy. With just a small annual fee, you get to borrow tools you only need occasionally. Convenient, right?

Okay… are there other reasons to borrow tools?

Not only does it reduce the price you have to pay and space in your home for storage, having a tool library in your town also helps protect the environment since it cuts down the resources and waste needed for the tools (a big plus for someone who wants to protect our Earth).

By the way, there are hundreds of tool library around the world, with more than a hundred in the USA and twelve of them in Canada (WOW!!! That’s massive).

Well, I’m interested now (Woohoo!), but is that all there is to a tool library? Just borrowing stuff?

Not necessarily. Tool libraries offer a bunch of other activities that will surely hook you up.

Want to learn how to make things on your own, need help with your project or just to learn how to use a specific tool? Rest assured because tool libraries host DIY classes and repairing courses for people in need. In these classes, volunteers who know how to use tools (in a safe way, of course) will tell you everything you need to know in order for you use our tools safely and professionally. We might even lend you our help with your project.

Do you have broken items that you don’t want to throw away, but are too expensive to replace, like a laptop or a smartphone, or maybe some old jeans or a shirt that needs fixing? Then welcome to the Repair Cafe! Bring your items to the cafe to have volunteers fix them FOR FREE, while at the same time you can learn how to do it yourself.

WOW!!! That’s AMAZING!!! Do we have one here in Sackville?

Unfortunately, no. But cheer up! Because we, The Sackville Commons & Coworking Co-op, are building one right now! With more than 700 apartments, around 2,300 university students that take up roughly half of the town’s population, and 26% of the community being seniors, Sackville is definitely in need of one.