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Supporting Local & Sustainable Food

Mar 28, 2020 | blog

Whether it’s ordering delivery, buying gift certificates, or joining a bulk buying order to avoid the busy stores— Here are some resources to help you support local businesses, local supply chains & sustainable sourcing during #COIVD19.


Looking for fresh, sustainable seafood with your social distancing? Afishionado Fishmongers is dropping off subscriptions and orders from their shop (free shipping!) to The Commons between 1pm and 3pm next Thursday, April 2nd, 2020.
Make your orders by Monday!

During this time, we are also providing an array of seafood items that can be added to Catch of the Month box or purchased as individual items. We encourage you to share our website and service to other Sackville natives that may be interested in also receiving seafood on April 2nd. This is open as a one-off to anyone in Sackville!! Please help us circulate widely.

Click HERE to visit our website and begin making your order!

NOTE: The local delivery option applies to NOVA SCOTIA ONLY. Be sure to select Sackville Commons Co-op as your Pickup Hub. You MUST pick up your order from Sackville Commons Co-op on Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 between 1 pm – 3 pm. If you can’t pick-up your order because you’re in self-isolation please have a friend pick-up for you under your name


Need locally milled grain? Cheese? Open Sky Co-op is working hard to make sure we get the grains we need!
As an ongoing bulk ordering program, please send in what you’d like from Speerville flour Mill and support local when possible— but please note: Orders will only go through once minumum bulk-purchasing threshold is reached ($600 or 1200lbs total) and supply chains are currently disrupted.

An order went in on Friday March 27th, but due to high demand, there will likely be ongoing orders.
To put in your order, and for more details please contact Margaret at Open Sky Co-op

As always, Open Sky charges 10% above the wholesale prices, as a way to bring much-needed program funding in. Some things like detergents, toothpaste and deodorant are also taxable.

Local Farmers & Sackville Market

The Sackville’s Farmer’s Market is currently closed, but some licenced vendors are using our parking lot as an alternative option on Saturday mornings from 9am-12pm. Please check out the amazing farmers and vendor developing alternative measures during this outbreak (like delivery options!) to help provide these essential services in light of new health protocol. Visit the Sackville Farmer’s Market Facebook page for some updates.

For a list of vendors making alternative arrangements, see the Farmer’s Market website

Keep up with The News!

Food For All NB has also started a *great* group to keep up with food security measures in New Brunswick.
Check out FoodForAllNB ‘s COVID-19 facebook group.

Support Your Local Businesses

To help other local businesses while their doors are shuttered? Please think about getting delivery, or buying local gift certificates and credits to help float them during the strange times ahead. Mainstreet Sackville is doing a wonderful job sharing the local businesses coming up with delivery, gift card and other inspiring ways to support them during the state of emergency. Check them out!

Here are some further recommendations on how to help keep our local economy strong during a pandemic.