What a year 2020 has been!

You may have noticed that we have not yet held our 2020 AGM, but with a new year upon us and no apparent end in sight to the rules surrounding in-person gatherings, we are planning to hold our Annual General Meeting online via Zoom, and we hope you will attend.

Save the date: Tuesday January 26 at 5:30pm

All Sackville Commons Cooperative members are invited, and we would like to have a good turnout. At this time, we are asking people to RSVP so we will be able to estimate attendance and contact attendees with the Zoom meeting details and documents in advance.

We are also seeking nominations for additions to our Board of Directors. If you are interested, please read this blog post for more information.

If you have questions you can leave a comment below this post on our website, or send an email to impact@coworksackville.com.