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How to cowork in Orange Phase!

Feb 12, 2021 | blog

We take COVID safety very seriously, and are currently entirely volunteer-run!
We also like to see people safely coworking in our spaces and have access to safe, sanitized and comfortable office space.
In Red Phase, we are allowed 5 ppl socially-distanced coworkers in our spaces, and in orange we can have 10 socially-distanced coworkers.

If you want to use our spaces while we are in Yellow, Orange or Red phase, feel free fill out this Pre-Screening & Booking form.
We maintain active screening protocols during all phases of the pandemic. Please see our NB operational plan.

We have volunteer hosts currently hosting our spaces 9am-1pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. They can help you sign a Waiver & Terms of Use and screen and get set up.

(We’re also seeking hosts to be have our space hosted & open 9am-5pm daily, if you’re interested! Free space in exchange!)
If you want access to the space on non-hosted days, you will need to fill out the Pre-screening & Booking form and await instructions from our trusty volunteers on proctocols, access etc. You will be sent an invoice depending on how many hours you need or use the space 🙂 Our basic rates are here, but we also make sliding scale & PWYC arrangements.

Thank you for your support and patience in this trying time. Every dollar of support helps and we miss seeing your beautiful faces! Thank you for being the best community to face a pandemic together, and best wishes to you and yours!