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About Us

What is Sackville Commons & Coworking?


Our community uses entrepreneurial spirit to enable social, cultural, environmental & economic change.


We host inclusive, collaborative spaces to support innovation, incubation & resource sharing.

The Sackville Commons was started to foster social innovation, social inclusion, sustainability and an awesome quality of life.

Incorporated in September 2016 — and founded by 3 women — The Sackville Commons Co-op is a community Coworking space in which profit-making exists in harmony with working for the social good.

Our space is a convergence of entrepreneurs, artists, artisans, non-profits and community groups working and sharing together to find and execute tangible solutions for today’s social and economic challenges. We hope to incubate innovative ideas, programs, services and companies that bring dignity and a sustainable future to people, our community, Atlantic Canada and the planet.

We use Coworking & Co-op Principles and a social enterprise model to foster social innovation & inclusion in our region.

We’re in the 5th Industrial Revolution. The social architecture of our world needs to shift to support new ways of working and helping good things happen. We’re reducing the drawbacks and increasing the perks of working in this new economy.


  • Create affordable coworking office, work & event space.
  • Network, build capacity and share resources among entrepreneurs, not-for-profits and community organizations.
  • Open opportunities for collaborative problem solving & conversations that matter.
  • Invigorate leadership and entrepreneurialism among teens and young adults.
  • Host a resource hub for regional information such as business development, wellness, recreation, housing, basic needs and community events.
  • Spotlight member initiatives and raise the profile of our community.
  • Build a culture of social innovation- a more equitable, resilient, inclusive & innovative community to live, work or visit.

Meet the Founders

Melody Petlock

Melody Petlock

Inclusive. Educator. Mover, shaker & miniature maker. Community champion and
Daybreak executive director. 

Rachel Mathis

Rachel Mathis

Innovator. Gymnast.
Passionate youth mentor and founder of Invigorate Leaders.

Julia Feltham

Julia Feltham

Weirdo. Social Entrepreneur. Mom.
Singing Cellist. Consultant & 
Collaborative Community Developer.


The Sackville Commons fosters creativity, collaboration and networking opportunities through its various events and inclusive atmosphere. As a daily user of the Commons, I can confidently say it is much more than an office space and has allowed me to make many connections with community members and organizations. I would highly encourage everyone to stop by the Commonss and learn about the many advantages the space provides our local community!

Adam Cheeseman

Full-time Member, NatureNB & NatureKids

The Commons is a great place to network and co-work with other Sackvillains, as well as an incredible space for community events. It is the perfect place to go if you need some peace and quiet to write something serious or important – a proposal or grant application, for instance – and since there are many different members with many different backgrounds, if you need a helping hand or get stuck, there is usually someone around to help you get “unstuck.”

Sarah Poirier

Chair, Sackville Refugee Response Coalition

I don’t normally live/work in Sackville, but when I do, I’m happy to know I have space at Sackville Commons. On my first visit, it was so nice to be welcomed into a space where I could be myself, AND there was hot coffee brewed just moments after I walked in the door. I made new connections, and saw that the Commons, as a co-working facility, isn’t just about sharing and office space with others – it’s about sharing ideas, knowledge and support. It’s a little community and a BIG community builder.

Jill Van Horne

Our Food SouthEast

For me, as a new social entrepreneur, The Sackville Commons has served as a hub. It’s a place to be with like-minded entrepreneurs and community members, a place for guidance and mentorship, a place for comradery and a sense of belonging. I am truly grateful for my connection with The Sackville Commons. Julia is an inspiration, a role model, a leader, a friend. Julia has been a phenomenal support for me as I move through my social enterprise journey.

Cheyenne Joseph

RN, Social Entrepreneur, @mikmaqmama

Rural Rides Tantramar would like to say Thank You to the Sackville Commons for being such a big part of our project in the Tantramar area, not only do they assist us with basic administration, promotion and the awesome work space they do it with a smile. So Thank You and Congratulations on the great work that you do!

Kim Beers

Rural Rides Tantramar

The Commons is one of the most important parts of Sackville for me personally. Having a place to work from outside of the home, interact with so many different people and be connected to new happenings in the community on a regular basis has been amazing. It’s not only a place to do your own work, but also find new opportunities and get a chance to grow in directions you had never considered.

Paul Merrigan

Sackville Farmers' Market